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meero82 asked 46 years ago

The theme and required plugins installed properly on my WP 4.5.2 and all seems fine.
Importing the demo content wasn’t a complete success though. The XML could only import the Home and Blog pages and some menus, but it couldn’t import any media files, although I checked the download attachments checkbox – the importer said it failed to import such media.
Also, the imported Home page only has HTML content that doesn’t match your online demo (which disappeared recently by the way) rather than a proper content using the page builder plugin!
Please let me know if this will be fixed because it’s much easier to edit demo content than building the whole thing from scratch!
Note: my client’s website is hosted on a Windows GoDaddy server.
Thanks a lot.

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Please provide login details so we can check for you

For private message (for login details ,websitelink and other info)
Check screenshot

meero82 answered 4 years ago

I’m afraid I can’t disclose such information! Please let me know what you need to check and I’ll do it for you and let you know the outcome.
I believe I detailed the issue quite properly, but you’re welcome to ask about anything else if you need more information.
You can check the current website status (after importing your demo content) and you’ll see that there are no images whatsoever. The media section on the back-end has no images either, so it’s not a linking issue – it’s that the images where not imported.
It’s also not a file permission issue, because I can upload media normally via the back-end.
Note: the XML file that I got with the theme I purchased from is named “lenard-1.xml”.

meero82 answered 4 years ago

Again, the issue is that the importer fails to import most of the content I expect to have from the XML file I got with the theme files (lenard-1.xml). You can see in the screenshots that I did check the “download attachments” checkbox, and yet it fails to import all media files.
Also, you can see that it claims that the pages are “already exist”, while I can only see the “home” page on the back-end, but then later on I realised that the pages were imported in the trash – so this problem is fixed. Yet, the imported content in pages is imported as normal HTML rather than components of the Page Builder module in the editor!
I can’t even see your online demo anymore that I could see before I purchased the theme from (previously on
The current front-end URL is, where you can see there are no images on the whole page!
So, to recap, the issue here is that media files are not imported, and the imported content is imported as HTML and not Page Builder components!



meero82 answered 4 years ago

It’s been 3 days since my last response and I got nothing.
I used this time to investigate further though. It seems that the issue of seeing the imported content as HTML rather than Page Builder widgets is because your bundled version of Page Builder plugin is outdated and not compatible with the current WP version. I managed to replace your bundled Page Builder plugins with the latest versions of Page Builder and Widget Bundle and now the content on the back-end shows properly as Page Builder widgets, yet it’s very messed up now because it seems that your bundled versions of the plugins are actually manipulated to add more widgets and style them!
Now the problem is that I can’t actually delete the plugins to get your bundled ones again! Whenever I try to deactivate them in order to delete them, it says the plugins are deactivated while in fact they’re not, and hence I cannot remove them from the back-end anymore!
Even if I use FTP to force-delete them in order to get your bundled ones again, I’ll be stuck again with the issue that your bundled manipulated versions are not compatible with the current WP version! So, any advice?

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