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carmansi asked 47 years ago

Hi, I would like to have some demo installer manual. Or a tutorial on how to proeceder.
I tried to do it as I did with other topics but it gives me an error.
If you have any tutorial or demo installation manual. Thank you very much

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Trending Templates Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Please send us your account admin and website, we will help you import it. Why did you use one click import demo?

carmansi replied 3 years ago

ok, the web is:
Password: JXp(sU9xkY4sOVUxYTchX6eF

I want to install the demo that brings, because I want the theme as I saw it. The one on the homepage 1.

carmansi replied 3 years ago

Please notify me by mail when they are to be done so I do not make any modifications. Thank you.

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