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jjmountain asked 47 years ago

I am following your documentation and have successfully installed learndash, your theme, and added or updated the required plugins. Now I am following the section of your documentation for “One click import demo content”
I have successfully installed and activated “”. I am now trying to Import Theme Demo Data. I’ve clicked the tab in appearances, made sure all the boxes are checked and clicked ‘import demo content’
It takes about a minute and then gives me a screen from my host saying “500: internal error”. I’ve tried several times and the same thing happens. What can I do to fix this? I have activated my licenses and everything is up to date.
Thank you.

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jjmountain replied 3 years ago

I’ve just checked this forum again and found someone with the same problem. I see that your answer was to increase the max execution time of the PHP. I’ve tried to change this but I can’t because I’m on a shared hosting plan with hostgator. Does this mean it’s not possible for me to run the demo without upgrading my server?

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Trending Templates Support Staff answered 3 years ago

This is required, you need to increase the max execution time of the PHP. Because this is issue of hosting when it is not enough memory to install plugins.

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