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Dennis van den Berg asked 48 years ago

i have bought Learnplus a while ago, now i want to update the theme but i see it has been taken of the marketplace… well at least the one i bought but there is an exactly the same template available….
so, why has it been removed… and how can i now update my template with the new available on on themeforest???
Best regards, Dennis van den Berg.

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Trending Templates Support Staff answered 3 years ago

It means did you purchase the theme again?

Dennis van den Berg replied 3 years ago

No, i didnt buy it twice.
i bought this >
but that has been taken of the market for whatever reason… which is not real good sign ofcourse..
but now there is this on
which is the same one… so, i bought it… then it has been taken off somehow so i cannot download and update it… but its back under a new url etcetera….

So, how do i get the latest version now of this template which i have already bought?

gr. Dennis

Trending Templates Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Because there are some reasons that author is removed, and this is our theme, so we upload this theme in our account again. Now you try to get a refund request and purchase the theme again.

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